Doing a Search

It seems the summer intern search for business school students gets earlier and earlier every year.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve met with a bunch of almost first year MBAs that are already thinking about their summer search.

I’ve given a few suggestions to them that I wanted to share here as well.

  • Start early. People at attractive companies and firms will be more likely to give you “10-15 minutes” of their time when you’re not the 40th person that’s asked.
  • Consider structure. Start-ups are great, but they don’t have formal intern programs, so it’s risky that you might be twiddling your thumbs or not knowing what you should be doing. Bigger companies will give you a feeling of progress and an understanding of whether or not your successful.
  • Be organized. It’s overwhelming to think through so many possibilities. What helps me is to write them down. I’ve used this spreadsheet for job searches in the past (both summer and full time). It’s public and you can download it to use it for yourself if you think it’s useful.

Please leave a comment with anything else you’ve found useful or any questions you may have!



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