Is Memorial Day more than the just the start of summer?

I very much enjoyed my three day weekend. As I write, I am sitting in the car back to NYC with my cousin, her husband and their 11 week old baby. We spent the weekend in New Hampshire with our family where we got to watch Evelyn, the baby, meet our grandma, her great grandma, for the first time. I am grateful for the chance to see my grandma’s joy at meeting Evelyn.

However, seeing my friend from business school on Friday, who got wounded while serving in the military, made me feel guilty that I did not spend more of this weekend reflecting on and doing something for those that help our country.

In thinking about why we did not act more on this day, my cousin, her husband and I hypothesized that our lack of interaction with people that serve leads us to more easily forget them. Our grandparents joined the military because of WWII and thus every echelon of society gained exposure to soldiers. Today, the military predominately employs working class Americans. And, as society continues to isolate itself, we gain less exposure to those that grew up differently.

At least in discussing why we pay less attention, in some way, we did not forget. Next year, I want to do something more for the families of our veterans. While we memorialize those we lost, let us also work to help their families live.



Is Memorial Day more than the just the start of summer?

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