Share the risks you take

This past week, I gave a presentation as part of my interview process for a role which would offer me a stretch opportunity– my own quota, managing a more senior sales team.

Google’s internal career site listed the role as a level above the level I am at now.  Still, I reached out to the hiring manager to see if she would consider me as an applicant.  She said she would!

In preparing for my final round presentation, I asked some of my trusted peers for advice and feedback on my deck.  The presentation I delivered became much better due to their insights.

At the end of my presentation to the panel, I showed a slide listing the 10+ people that helped me garner the insights I presented. The interview panel appreciated this slide for a few reasons. It demonstrated that:

  • I fully utilize resources available to me
  • I know how to ask for help
  • I acknowledge and highlight others
  • I am not afraid to share the risks I take

Highlighting to the panel that I had exposed potential failure to my peers and asked for their help, as well as crediting them for their work, might have been one of the things they liked best about my presentation.

I encourage sharing the risks you take. I find this lowers the actual risk and helps you provide better work, regardless of the outcome.

Share the risks you take

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