Regressing in our behavior

Over the past few years, I strove for self-improvement in showing empathy, caring less about “hoops” (e.g. ratings at work) and practicing patience.  These last few months I did not excel at these goals.  In discussing my disappointment with my friend who practices psychiatry, I learned that adults as well as children can “regress” in stressful times and situations.

Overall, I feel grateful for my situation.  We’re safe, getting married soon, and eating well.  But, over the past few months, I’ve felt a lot of ups and downs.  I got engaged (yay!), started planning a wedding that got postponed, my grandmother who was my idol passed away and my aunt and mother were both in the hospital (luckily, they’re out and doing better).

During this COVID situation, I found I didn’t always do a great job at the three things I started to improve on over the past few years.  I thought about situations through my own lens versus others, got upset quickly, and definitely got frustrated at work with my progress.

Hearing that adults, just like children, can regress in behavior improvements in times that produce stress, made me feel a bit more relaxed in my setback.  So, while I am still aiming to get back on track, I wanted to share this with you all in hopes that you too will give yourself a “pass” if you feel a bit setback from your achievements.

Regressing in our behavior

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